Here's what I've been working on for the US Treasury...

US Treasury Visual Identity / Publications
2013-2014 Payment Management (PM) Tactical/Operating Plan 
and logo designed for Sheryl Morrow, Deputy Fiscal Assistant Secretary,
Bureau of the Fiscal Service, U.S. Treasury:

Payment Management logo design, U.S.Treasury

US Treasury Brochure & Marketing Collateral
Developed creative concepts; present to key stakeholders; execute project design.

US Treasury Conference Exhibit Designs

Proposed Bureau of the Fiscal Service logo
used in Go Direct exhibit booth and 
marketing collateral:

Proposed Logo and Website Design for the Bureau of the Fiscal Service
Design proposed by AnneMarie Arnold in August, 2012.

US Treasury Website (design proposal)

Video presentation of proposed Debt Management Services (DMS) intranet website designs.
Design proposed by AnneMarie Arnold in August, 2012.


US Treasury Intranet Design "How-To"


US Treasury Newsletters

Develop original design concepts as well as oversee project design 
all the way through execution: photography, graphic design,
editing, cartooning, print management/shipping.

U.S. Treasury FEMA Presentation Design

"AnneMarie, you are absolutely amazing! Brilliant incorporation of a US Debt Card being handed off! This is exactly the impactful presentation concept I had in my mind.... You are an artist!"
- Email from Richard Haug, 6/2010

History of Military Intelligence Since 1775 Display


Now For Some Fun: My Motion Graphics & Audiovisuals

Documentary on the Amazon Rainforest
Group project in the "Storytelling" course at Full Sail University; one of our team members is a biologist working in the Amazon Rainforest.

Video in the genre of "Magic Realism"

IInterviewed by Lyn de l'Eau
I was asked by Lyn de l'Eau, Organization Development Consultant for the U.S. Treasury and Ph.D. candidate at San Francisco University (SFU), to participate in a study on the constructionist learning theory for her SFU course. I created all book cover art and paintings in video. I created this video, "The Moon is a Cookie" using Adobe Premiere Pro and set the background music to Neil Young's "Harvest Moon", because, you see, the moon and I are old friends...